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New Add-In

We created a new ad-in to put in the center of the Candle brochure that gives some more information on our story, condition, and treatment costs… For everyone that is helping us sell them, gives them an easy way to explain what I have and what we have been through and want we are doing!

dreaming of a baby_brochure


Get it in the Paper

Just sent a letter to our local paper, talking about PCOS Awareness month and telling our story! Fingers crossed that it makes in the paper! We need to get the word spread… 


Conception Rates

At the seminar we attend we found out a lot of valuable information. One of the main things that we found out that is that we have a very low conception rate with out treatment…. About 1%. This data is based on the condition and the factors that are against us…

In the below chart shows conception rate in a normal cycle and the percentage…

I should be up in the Orange area age 25, but with PCOS and and Anovulation I am below the rate of a women in her 40’s the purple





So we are putting all our efforts into trying to save/raise enough money in order to start treatment ASAP!!!




Earth Candle Fundraiser!

We are going to be selling Earth Candles as a fundraiser to help us reach our goal from Oct. 1- Oct. 15…

Perfect time to get some early christmas gifts or to just add some fragrance around the house!

Our goal is to sell 160 candles and we will be receiving the brochure soon…

Info on the candles!

Earth Candles are highly fragrant and long burning with lead free wicks.

Each candle is hand poured with pride in the USA.

All paper packaging and labels are made from recycled materials. Gift boxes are
100% recycled paper.

The brochures are printed using soy based inks on Forest Stewardship Council certified
recycled paper.  A portion of Earth Candles’ profits will be donated to FSC (http://www.fsc.org)

By helping us you will also be helping save forests around the world, and supporting the American economy!

12 oz. Canning Jars are $12.00 Each (Gift Boxed) come in 12 different scents:

Hot Apple Pie
Butter Cookies
Cinnamon Apple Red
Juicy Peach Peach
Holiday Spices
Rain Forest
Sugar Roasted Chestnuts
Pomegranate Dark
Pumpkin Spice Pie
Vanilla Bean

Hourglass 14 oz. Tumblers  for $15.00 Each (Gift Boxed) and come in 6 different scents:

Honey Pear
Lavender Mist
Orange Spice Tea
Vanilla Raspberry
White Cotton


See Brochure

Fertility Seminar

Today we are heading up to Portland to The Oregon Reproductive Medicine Clinic to attend their free seminar. To get a better grasp on the options that are available.

They go over:

• Infertility and why you are having trouble getting pregnant
• The latest fertility medicines and treatments
• Their approach to patient care and good outcomes
• Their center’s outstanding success rates

We are hoping to get some good valuable information, and then begin our journey!



We would like to thank everyone who participated in yesterday’s dreaming of a baby day!

I feel it was very successful. We weren’t to sure how it would go, but it went surprisingly well.

We had 6 donations just yesterday alone!

So again thank you for all and any who viewed, looked, liked, shared and donated!

We are truly blessed to have people in our lives that are generous and encouraging!


Donate today

At 1pm on September 13 and going until 1 pm September 14

we are asking everyone to change their Facebook status to

Dreaming of a Baby @ http://www.gofundme.com/dreamingofababy